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DEEP CUT SESSIONS with Louis Coupe

The Deep Cut Sessions is a new music series hosted by singer/songwriter and independent filmmaker Louis Coupe. The show sees Louis travelling to different cities across the world, guided by the stories and local cultures of the musicians and artists he meets along the way, culminating in the creation of a new live music performance with each new episode.

Watch 'Rose Tint', the first episode of our pilot series - out now.

The International Pickup Tour with Leigh Ellis

We were asked by basketball pundit and podcaster Leigh Ellis to assist in creatively developing, and producing a pilot episode for his travelling basketball project, 'The International Pickup Tour', a project which sees Leigh travelling to various destinations around the world to play local games of pickup basketball on a wide array of basketball courts. 

In June of 2023, we travelled to Paris for two games, meeting a number of local basketball enthusiasts and followers of Leigh, that helped to make our day in the city one to remember. 

The first episode is available to watch here


Our first fully original feature performance. Songs for Piano Vol.I is a special live performance featuring 4 original songs and 1 cover, performed by Louis Coupe at Buffalo Studios in London, October 2023. Engineered by JB Pilon, cinematography by Alex Ryland Jones, mixed and edited by Louis Coupe. 

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